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Born To Be Black: A Celebration Of The Conscious Soul

by Amandla Freedom Ensemble

Born to Be Black: A Celebration of The Conscious Soul

Born To Be Black the album by the Amandla Freedom Ensemble due for digital release on iTunes 24 October. The twelve-track odyssey is intended to be a proclamative journey of musical meditation and healing. A journey into the less travelled. Musical territories where sonic realms are constantly in flux. Ours is a canvas of our imagination where our colours are hues of an ascending melodic line or the crescendo of boisterous horns grooving to the syncopated rhythms of a new song. The assemblage of such diverse musicianship has culminated in a much-anticipated offering that will surely proclaim the deep well of musical nourishment that exists in South African jazz today

A prominent feature in the album is veteran South African drummer Louis Tebogo Moholo Moholo. He has since returned to his homeland in 2005 and will be revisiting the anthemic and freewheeling improvisations that will be delivered on two special nights at the Orbit Home Of Jazz (81 de Korte St) Firiday 27 and Saturday 28 October 20:00. The lineup is an exceptional assemblage of young and old who have performed at sought after performance venues in South Africa and abroad.


The Amandla Freedom Ensemble have in recent years positioned themselves as a musical tour de force with an original cultural identity and agenda of creating new music that speaks to both young and old. Described by the Jazz Times (USA) as an “urban arts ensemble which wraps elliptical melodies in three-part harmonies, rich with impasto, swinging like broken chandeliers.” 2015 The ensemble extensively performed within the SADC regions and to date they have participated at the Harare International Festival of Arts in Zimbabwe, the MTNBushfire Festival in Swaziland and subsequent tours in Maputo, Mozambique. The AFE have concluded the extensive run in a culmination of performances at several music festivals such as the Fete de la Muziq and the Standard Bank Jazz Festival in Grahamstown. A successful CD launch and a subsequent nomination for Best Jazz Album has seen a deluge of collaborations and performances with many and diverse artists such as Afrika Mkhize, HerbieTsoaeli, Mark Fransman and several notable engagements position the ensemble at the forefront in creating an original platforms to showcase new and original sounds. The Amandla Freedom Ensemble is steadily capturing the attention of many jazz patrons and new audiences wherever it performs. It’s latest presentation Born To Be Black draws on an exciting and vibrant group of musicians with an appetite for different genres in a setting primed for all kinds of audiences.


Born To Be Black: A Celebration of The Conscious Soul

Is a vision, which encompasses the echoes of South African township groove and no-holds-barred freedom alongside the vibrant and mesmerising chants of the drums. In the rich jazz history of old lions making inspired new music with a young ones, ‘Born To Be Black’ is in every way a proclamation of our rich musical history.

Born To Be Black: A Celebration Of The Conscious Soul

Orbit Home Of Jazz (81 de Korte St)

Friday 27 and Saturday 28 October 20:00

R200 entry


011 339 6645/ 081 534 2867

Featured Soloists: Louis Moholo (drums) AndileYenana (piano), Prof. Salim Washington (bass clarinet, flute and oboe) Khaya Mahlangu (soprano and tenor sax) Siya Makuzeni (vocals and trombone) Thebe Lipere (percussion)

Amandla Freedom Ensemble

Mandla Mlangeni trumpet ,Oscar Rachabane, Nhlanhla Mahlangu, Sisonke Xonti (saxophones), Brydon Bolton (bass).